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Studio Two: Cupcake Shop

Concept: Unexpected. The shell is a rectilinear shaped concrete structure with a front curtain wall, two front entrances and two side entrances. To provide something unexpected for the customer experience, I introduced quadrangles and non-ninety degree angles, with a slightly off-center, angled path of travel. Custom seating, tables and counters offset from each other at angles directed the circulation in a clear path. Overhead quadrangular clouds of varying heights, thicknesses and warm colors added to the unexpected theme. Finally corrugated metal, reclaimed brick and reclaimed wood, are set against the rich cherry wood casework to frame up an unusual, but comfortable atmosphere.

2014-06-05 19.52.25 (1) 2014-05-06 13.36.14 2014-05-20 20.23.42 2014-06-12 19.44.54bcupcake shop